Hello mindful people - welcome to my journey

On here you will find different blog-entries as sub-sites posted by me about various subjects and topics but with keeping in mind the mindfulness, nourishing yourself and your soul, and enjoying life to the fullest. Here you can follow my journey of becoming a health and nutrition coach and also follow my thoughts on what keeps me busy.

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"be yourself, make awesome mistakes, think different, push your limits, be everything except normal"

Practise to eat mindfully

7th September 2018

My Happy Place - Part I

17th September 2018


9th September 2018

My Happy Place - Part II

27th September 2018

Can you listen?

13th September 2018

One Step at a Time

27th October 2018

Living a judgment-free life - 

Tips and advice on how to live


24th December 2018

Emotions -  What they are,

what they are good for and why we sometimes suppress them

28th  March 2019