Corporate Coaching

A unique opportunity for companies to enhance their company's and team culture to improve productivity, success, and growth

I am offering a unique opportunity for companies to come in as a professional coach, interviewing and coaching employees and management alike to bring in new fresh outside perspectives and ideas that support the company's growth, productivity, and advancement.

If things do not go so well within the company, like weak or bad communication, stellar performing employees due to lack of energy and interest or not being heard and valued, incivility in the workplace, many managers but no real leader, etc. all this can have intense negative effects on the company's and employees' performance alike and can threaten the company's success, growth, and advancement in the future.


Acting as and being an objective and external professional coach towards the company enables me to work with employees and management alike to identify, recommend, and facilitate dynamic change and a strategically and emotionally improved team and company culture, re-engage disengaged employees and also be able to collaborate between executives, managers, and employees. By being an external objective person, acting completely judgment-free, and keeping it all confidential, employees and management may find it a lot easier to open up more and disclosing things/issues/problems they would have not disclosed with an internal person from within the company.


If the employees and management are happy and satisfied with their job, the company will keep growing and succeeding. I work with both sides to detect and work on goals, values and strengths, providing a reliable resource and professional accountability to support the team, management, and company.