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My speciality is authenticity and self-awareness. I am offering you an opportunity where you feel listened to and heard, where you can take time out for yourself, step away from your busy life and examine it fully to identify what you would like to change in order to be more yourself, balanced and energized.


The purpose of my coaching program is that you first begin to understand and connect to YOU. Therefore, I am going to show up to serve you as my client and not to please you - this means I might not say or do things that you would like to hear.

As your coach, I am also going to hide nothing and hold nothing back. I am going to show up as imperfect and authentic as I am - I am asking you in return to do the same: to hide nothing and hold nothing back.


What I am offering, in that way, is powerful coaching - it is thought-provoking, deep, impactful, and could quite frankly be life-changing


So, if we choose to work together I asking from you 100% commitment, 100% passion, 100% readiness and 100% authenticity. Because only then are we able to identify and detect what is not working, why it is not working and what we can do to make it work to get you where you want to get



All my sessions are held as 1:1 consultations, either face-to-face if you are living in or close to Taupo, or for those farther away or overseas I also offer Skype or Zoom sessions.


there is magic in the beginning of anything

don't worry about getting it perfect

get it going

Personal Coaching Packages 

Powerful Coaching Experience

Intake session - FREE

Fulfilment  Program

2 months

Balance  Program

3 months

Process  Program

6 months

You are feeling you would need someone to support you and guide you on a journey you cannot do alone. You have arrived at a place where you know you must do something to change as you feel overwhelmed and/or stuck. But you don't know what coaching actually is but you would like to know and experience it and you don't know if I am the right person to support you?

Feel free to get in touch with me for a complimentary intake session to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit and if my coaching style and approach is the way to go for you to achieve a desirable outcome for you.


In this powerful coaching experience, I will check in with you about your dreams and desires, your fears and pains, your past and your current challenges. and what is actually holding you back from moving forward.



A fulfilling life is a life of meaning, purpose, satisfaction and being alive.  In my fulfilment coaching program, we will answer the questions: 'Who am I really and what do I want in my life?' And: 'What is MY vision of a really fulfilling life?'

In this program, we will get clear about your very personal shape of fulfilment, filter out what old habits, obstacles and limiting beliefs have been holding you back and we will identify goals and actions that are consistent and in line with your values and needs.



We all craving balance in our lives in one way or another. When we crave balance we craving a life that is in action and in line with a compelling vision.

The actual issue of balance, however, exists on two levels: the underlying quality of life and the day-to-day experience.


The expected outcome of my balance coaching program is to design and restore flow into your life by balancing your priorities and expectations, to get you into action on daily issues in a way that brings you back into alignment and back into controlling your life.



Where fulfilment and balance coaching focuses on moving you forward, with process coaching we will go deeper and it will close the circle together with your experience having gone through my fulfilment and balance program. In this program we will focus on your internal experiences, on what is happening at the moment and gets you to be more mindful on a day-to-day basis. Because sometimes the most important changes happen at the internal level.

The expected outcome of this 6 months program is to enhance your ability to be aware of the moment and to actually name it. Be in the moment, expand to the present, be curious about it and slow down to explore and appreciate it.


These packages are designed to support you for a longer period of time and go deep to dig out those deeply rooted core values and barriers of yours and create that balance in your life you are yearning for. We will review goals and make sure that created action steps to achieve those goals are implemented to guarantee long-term change.

For each of these packages, we will have a 1-hour fortnightly session, and in between sessions I am available to support you via phone or email.


Prices are subject and tailored to my clients' needs - my packages are specifically tailored to my clients and their needs, so where I see fit session timings and prices might vary depending on my client. After the powerful coaching experience, we will have a clear picture of what program will fit with your current status and needs.

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