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About Me and Outdoor Wellness Journeys

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(German for characteristics)


- I love colours

- I love food

- I am an outdoor-enthusiast

- I am an open-leaf tea fanatic

- I love to create

- I am fascinated about
emotional intelligence

- I love to help

- I am passionate about

creating a unique

life I can be

proud of

- I love the smell of fresh-cut grass

- I love individuality and


-I love to develop, learn and


- I am fascinated about

the mind-body connection

- I love to be in the forest

- I am inquisitive

- I am compassionate

- Tramping is one of my happy places

- I love to be outdoor-active (yoga, kayaking, swimming, hiking)

- I love to travel and explore new cultures and people

- I am supportive and ambitious


My values are:

- Integrity

- Creativity

- Accountability

- Harmony

- Respect

- Individuality

- Honesty

- Growth and Development


What others say:

- She's weird

- She's crazy

- She's loyal

- She's funny and warm

- She has a good heart

- She's German

- She's caring

- She's passionated




I am a certified Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coach based in Taupo / New Zealand with a passion for people, food, healing nutrition, and the outdoors and nature.

Through an epiphany back in early 2018, I realised that being a health and wellness coach with a connection to the outdoors will combine my personality, my passion for people and nature, my background and life story, and the essence of leading a purposeful, meaningful and content life.

My goal and purpose is to support and help others. Specifically for Outdoor Wellness Journeys I help women to escape their busy lives and re-discover their roots, reconnect to their true selves and accept and love who they really are by exploring their personal (core) values, wants, needs and strengths and live their lives according to these.

I will do this by practicing my coaching in the outdoors (eco-coaching) - reconnecting with nature, and incorporating the principles of forest bathing. I strongly believe that nature is THE magical part that creates miracles, true change and freedom. Walking with our senses through nature brings our rhythms into step with nature. Experiencing the natural environment directly through our senses helps us to slow down enough so that we can get out of our head space and reconnect with our hearts and our bodies, being able to develop a changed perspective, create new ideas and solutions to our existing problems and issues. This gives us an opportunity to create new positive energy, make new choices, create action steps and instigate that much-wanted change we'd love to see and yearn for to create a more authentic, balanced and fulfilled life for ourselves.


I invite you to come with me on a Journey.

A Journey of your own, a Journey of self-discovery, a Journey of self-reflection, a Journey of stillness, a Journey of change.


Let me be your guide in the background and let nature be in the front seat as your magical healing compound on this Journey.

better live a life crazy than bored being normal

"better enjoy your life the crazy way than being normal and bored"

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