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About Me and Outdoor Wellness Journeys

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(German for characteristics)


- I love colours

- I love food

- I am an outdoor-enthusiast

- I am an open-leaf tea fanatic

- I love to create

- I am fascinated about
emotional intelligence

- I love to help

- I am passionate about

creating a unique

life I can be

proud of

- I love the smell of fresh-cut grass

- I love individuality and


-I love to develop, learn and


- I am fascinated about

the mind-body connection

- I love to be in the forest

- I am inquisitive

- I am compassionate

- Tramping is one of my happy places

- I love to be outdoor-active (yoga, kayaking, swimming, hiking)

- I love to travel and explore new cultures and people

- I am supportive and ambitious


My values are:

- Integrity

- Creativity

- Accountability

- Harmony

- Respect

- Individuality

- Honesty

- Growth and Development


What others say:

- She's weird

- She's crazy

- She's loyal

- She's funny and warm

- She has a good heart

- She's German

- She's caring

- She's passionated




Welcome to my world of holistic eco-wellness and empowerment!

I'm a certified Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coach and I am German, deeply passionate about the great outdoors. My purpose is to help others create an authentic life aligned with their values and goals.

I immigrated to New Zealand in 2007 with the intention to just stay for about 6 months...about a few years later I am still here. The country has captured me with its natural beauty and the vast opportunities to explore the amazing forests and backcountry. Since living in New Zealand the outdoors, the forests, and the bush of Aotearoa have hugely grown on me and have made a lasting impact on my life. I have discovered an unknown passion for being in nature.

Through past experiences and ongoing self-development over the last 15 years, I have found nature to be my ultimate source of inspiration, a necessity, and an integral part of my lifestyle -  knowing now first hand and through experiences over many years what magic nature can do to your body, mind, and soul.

During my continuous self-development journey, I also discovered the practice of forest bathing, an incredible relaxation technique from Japan. It became clear to me that this was the missing link to creating a unique service combining my love for the outdoors and coaching (i.e. helping others). Nature, as a therapist and wellness element, offers us expansive and amazing benefits. I firmly believe that reconnecting with nature can create miracles, true change, and freedom.

Now, I'm excited to share this knowledge and help others harness the magic of nature to make positive changes in their lives.


I invite you to come with me on a Journey.

A Journey of your own, a Journey of self-discovery, a Journey of self-reflection, a Journey of stillness, a Journey of change.


Let me be your guide in the background and let nature be in the front seat as your magical healing compound on this Journey.

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