About me Mindful Nourished Roots and Outdoor Wellness Journeys

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(German for characteristics)


- I love colours

- I love food

- I am an outdoor-enthusiast

- I am an open-leaf tea fanatic

- I love to create

- I am fascinated about
emotional intelligence

- I love to help

- I am passionate about

creating a unique

life I can be

proud of

- I love the smell of fresh-cut grass

- I love individuality and


-I love to develop, learn and


- I am fascinated about

the mind-body connection

- I love to be in the forest

- I am inquisitive

- I am compassionate

- Tramping is one of my happy places

- I love to be outdoor-active (yoga, kayaking, swimming, hiking)

- I love to travel and explore new cultures and people

- I am supportive and ambitious


My values are:

- Integrity

- Creativity

- Accountability

- Harmony

- Respect

- Individuality

- Honesty

- Growth and Development


What others say:

- She's weird

- She's crazy

- She's loyal

- She's funny and warm

- She has a good heart

- She's German

- She's caring

- She's passionated




I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach based in Taupo / New Zealand - and I have a story behind that to tell. I have come to found that coaching people about health and wellness might just be my calling, my purpose and a new chapter of my life. Through an epiphany back in early 2018, I realised that being a health and wellness coach will combine my personality, my passion for people and nature, my background and the essence of leading a purposeful, meaningful and content life.

But where did that all come from?













From a young age, I come to realize that I enjoy harmony around me. If everybody is happy around me so am I. Never did I know back then that trying to change myself in order to make other people happy or fulfil their expectations would cause me on the other side to be rather unhappy. This resulted that I neglected myself and my happiness in order to make other people happy and put other people's happiness and expectation before mine. I also seem not to accept myself the way I was back then.


Long talks with my Mum after I had hit a wall sprouted seeds for a better and new Me. I've been told to never change for anybody. I have been told to be myself and embrace the unique me that I am no matter what. I was told to look after myself first. And if someone wants to change me and doesn't like that Me that I am then there is no place for them in my life.


It has been a long journey since. I have been moving away from fulfilling other people's expectations, living their lives rather than mine, have built a life that is suited to me, my wants and needs and have come to accept myself and love myself exactly the way I am - with all my weird moves, knuckles and perfect imperfections. I have moved away from my home country and started a new life in a country furthest away from where I stem from. But my need for harmony and being content has never died. It is buried deep in me, it is my roots-system that carries me and makes me who I am. I have realized that being needed, helping people and making them happy in a different healthier way then I thought in the past is giving me an amazing feeling, a feeling that energizes and uplifts me in a way not much else can do. To see the smile in other people when you give them something and/or realize you are part of the positive change in them.


I have now got an extensive background and experience of not accepting myself and not taking care of myself but have managed now to create a pretty much amazing life where I am fully content, love every road taken, every hill and downhill in my life. I have come to fully accept myself, to know myself, to love myself and to stand my ground when it comes to ME. After years of self-reflection and getting to know who I really am and getting to know my roots, knowing what is really important to me, what brings me joy and knowing my resources and strengths I want to pass on this knowledge to be a positive change in somebody else's life.

My goal and purpose, therefore, is to support and help other women to re-discover their roots, reconnect to their true selves and accept and love who they really are by exploring their personal (core) values, wants, needs and strengths and live their lives according to these.

I will do this by practicing my coaching in the outdoors - reconnecting with nature, using the principles and basis of forest bathing, which will help to connect with and utilise our senses, get to know our bodies and selves with the help of nature. I am approaching this different kind of a coaching environment and practice as I am loving to be outdoors and have experienced on myself and others how amazing nature can assist greatly in re-connecting with yourself, gaining clarity, awareness, creativity and new perception to help take on transformation in your work, your relationships and your life.

On this journey then, they will become aware and recognize of how their mind and body functions, understand their language, understand themselves again and get to know the natural cues and signals of their body and mind, which then enables them to know what they need in any given moment to give them optimal health and well-being.


Hence, I have called my coaching business Mindful Nourished Roots – re-discovering your roots and mindfully nourish them with what your true self needs in any given moment and therefore creating a purposeful content life with no regrets - a bucket list life! With this coaching business, I grow with my clients. I will be learning with every session I do and therefore I will be in the same shoes as every client who comes to me. The only difference will be that I have the experience, specific tools and theoretical knowledge to share, which I have gained from my studies and from my life so far.

better live a life crazy than bored bein

"better enjoy your life the crazy way than being normal and bored"