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Intensive EcoVision
Day Retreat


 For female Entrepreneurs, CEO's, and Managers

Who want to take time out of their busy work lives and nurture themselves, their mind and soul, prioritize deep thinking and visioning to create a better work place (and private life), and a more successful business.

For those who want to go forward with a sense of clarity, positive action change, and a newly found mojo and energy, to make a difference in their lives and others surrounding them.

Definition 'Retreat'  [/rɪˈtriːt/]:

A quiet, isolated place that offers peace, calmness, and the

opportunity to go inwards.

An opportunity to step back from the busyness of

day-to-day life and slow down, relax, and rejuvenate.









My forest bathing eco-coaching walks and hikes retreats provide a chance for those busy female entrepreneurs  to unplug from technology, slow down, and focus on the present moment. These retreats are designed to be a holistic experience, where these women can reconnect with their inner selves and nature. As women, and especially the ones that are in leading position and/or running a business, they often tend to focus on many different things simultaneously, trying to do everything, put others first and neglect their own needs.


Usual pain points of these busy women include:

- Balancing Personal and Professional Life - a constant juggling act that can lead to burnout and a sense of guilt for not being able to give equal attention to all aspects of life

- Overcoming Imposter syndrome - many successful women in business experience imposter syndrome—a feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt despite their accomplishments. It can hinder confidence and hinder professional growth.

- Managing Workload and Delegation - the weight of responsibility often falls heavily on the shoulders of busy female entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. The pressure to excel in every area of business can lead to an overwhelming workload.

- Nurturing a Supportive Network - building a strong network of peers, mentors, and allies is vital for success, but it can be challenging for busy women in leadership roles.

All this can easily lead to loosing meaning, mojo and motivation.

Spending time in nature can help us to reconnect with our intuition, creativity, and sense of self. It helps us to step back from immediate problems, issues, and/or questions and gain a better and different perspective and a wider systemic view on things.












As a professional coach, I provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can explore their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I am basing my walks and hikes on the principles of forest bathing, and combine it with outdoor active challenges, and my knowledge and experience in wellness, health, and eco-coaching.


Principles and focuses of forest bathing :

- To open up and re-connect with your senses

- To be present. Slowing down, being still and mindful

- To be aware. Of self and surroundings, to realise and reflect

- To identify. Who am I? Accept, understand and let go

- To connect. With yourself, your senses and nature

Some of the walks I do have descents, some might be slightly steep, and some might be mild descents, which will probably show up as challenges to some of my clients. There might be river or stream crossings, summit climbs, bare feet walking (earthing) on the ground, which could also be translated into a challenge for some. For a lot of us, the challenges could be physical or even emotional and mental.

I add these challenges in because discomfort and overcoming challenges lead to the energy necessary for change. Confronting and overcoming challenges (again, these might be physical or emotional ones) could result in mindfulness, gratitude, and self-awareness.


Put all this together you get Outdoor Wellness Journeys and the Intensive EcoVision Day or Half-Day Retreats – they are crafted to be special and unique – designed by a woman for women, and personally created and customized to each and every client I take on a journey.

What Is In For You - Core values and benefits:

- Guided nature experience/eco-coaching:

Each hike/walk is an opportunity of rediscovering and challenge in a supportive environment - nature as the natural therapist, the coach as a guide, who slows you down and deepens the discipline and offers conversations in stops/breaks to work through thoughts, emotions and sensations. A chance to be heard and listened to.

- Promotes and supports a heightened feeling of well-being:

Being in nature restores our mood, eases our stress

and worry, and gives us back vitality and energy –

refreshing and rejuvenating, being in nature also

gives us a sense of comfort. A chance to bring more quality into your life.

- Awareness and clarity through a quieter mind

- Creativity and perception:

New ideas materialize on walks in nature, gaining new ways of looking at an old problem, finding a new solution/action steps

- Physical health benefits of walking in nature:

Reduces blood pressure, lowers stress, improves cardiovascular and metabolic health, lowers blood sugar levels, improves concentration, memory, and mood, lifts depression, decreases anxiety and anger, improves pain thresholds and energy (levels), strengthens the immune system with an increased count of the body's natural killer (NK) cells, increases anti-cancer protein production, helps losing weight, suppresses the sympathetic or 'flight or fight' system, enhances the parasympathetic or 'rest and recover/digest' system, can help to get better


I offer you an opportunity and invite you.

An opportunity of visioning. An opportunity for reflection. An opportunity to restore the soul. An opportunity to reconnect to values, vision, purpose and confidence.
An invitation to look and feel into a positive materializing future with a mix of inspiration and the beauty of nature.

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Your Investment:

Half  day
3 - 4 hours

$ 480

Full  day
6 - 7 hours

$ 840

Rates Inclusions:

- Transport to and from Taupo/NZ
- Internationally accredited and recognized Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach with a First Aid Certificate
- Professional Health, Wellness and Nutrition coaching during your Journey on that day
- Organically homemade snacks (1/2 days), lunches (full days) and herbal healing open-leaf teas
- Rates also cover following insurances like Public Liability, Accident Compensation and Small Passenger Service Licence

What To Bring:

- Comfortable good walking shoes
- Drinking water (there will be water sources along the way to fill up the bottle)
- Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen
- Raingear (depending on forecast)

- Notebook and pen (in case you would like to write down ideas and thoughts)

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