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Corporate Performance Coaching

An opportunity to enhance and strengthen your company’s work and team culture to heighten productivity, success, and growth

I help businesses to improve employee retention, and create a strategically and emotionally improved team, enhanced working environment, and company culture. This will automatically lead to overall heightened productivity, success and growth for the business.

As a professional coach, I offer a unique experience for companies to connect with their employees by providing a safe channel where their team can give feedback on a confidential basis. Together, we can generate new outside perspectives and ideas that support the company’s working environment, which inherently leads to better performance regarding company growth, productivity, and advancement.

In a lot of companies these days there are things that do not go so well, like:

- weak or bad communication

- risk of losing high-performing employees due to them not being heard, listen to or valued

- many managers but no real leader, etc.

All this can have intense negative effects on the company's and employees' performance alike.

It can threaten the company's success, growth, and advancement in the future.

I help guide employees by coaching them to identify, recommend, and facilitate dynamic change leading to a more strategic and emotionally improved team and company culture. I enrol disengaged employees to collaborate with executives, managers, and colleagues.

By being an external objective person, acting completely judgment-free, and keeping it all confidential, employees and management may find it a lot easier to open up more and disclose issues/problems they would have not disclosed with an internal person from within the company.


My goal is to bring employees, teams, and management closer together to create a better work environment. I mediate both sides to detect and work on goals, values, and strengths while providing professional accountability as a reliable resource to support the team, management, and company.


Rates and Package options:


Initial intake sessions with directors, managers and key employees to identify and understand key issues facing the company.


- 3x 45 min one-on-one session

- customised coaching plan with a customised recommendation after identifying any issues.

- travel and insurance costs



Coaching session for under-performing and/or struggling employees, to identify and rectify key issues, improve overall work performance, and strengthen emotional and strategic behaviour and mindset.

Thus, helping to empower employee to increase engagement and effectiveness, and support preemptively to lower the risk of losing high-performing or/and key employees.


- 45 min one-on-one session

- customised action and inplementation plan

- travel and insurance costs





- 4x 45 min one-on-one sessions / week

- customised action and implementation plans

- inbetween phone and email support

- travel, and insurance costs


Evaluation Intake Package:                $495 NZD

Pre-emptive one-on-one coaching session - 45min:   $135 NZD

Ongoing mid- to longterm corporate performance coaching package:                                                     $2.000 NZD/month

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