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My Happy Place - Part II

27th September 2018

Springtime - gardening time.


Actually, any season and any time is a good time to work in the garden for me. Gardening is my activity amongst others that really grounds me, brings me back to the present and being mindful, and lets me slow down if I have been rushing around and was stressed. It’s an activity that is as relaxing as it is energizing for me. Being out in the elements helps me to sort my millions of thoughts and gets me clear in my head again. It also helps me to get very creative and get new ideas and thoughts of things I thought before I could not solve and had trouble finding the right solution or next step to go to.


What is more, to me, it is amazing to see plants grow. The whole process of growing – from either seeds or seedling – to a fully grown plant with fruits or produce, knowing that I was part of it by taking care of the plant and nurtured it with water and whatever was needed, always puts me in a state of an awe. It is feeling rewarding and pleasing at the same time to me. Plants are creatures. Living creatures. Different to us humans but still same of some sort.


For this season I finally have a new big veggie-garden box. I filled it up with new fresh nourishing soil, ready for my seedlings to be planted in and grow to supply us with some healthy organic vegetable and produce for the next years to come. 


So, to summarize it: gardening is grounding, rewarding, creative and balancing for me – bringing me a sense of mindfulness, contentment and happiness into my life.

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