Outdoor Wellness Journeys










Outdoor Wellness Journeys - designed and led by women for women

I am offering outdoor wellness coaching guided walks and hikes for the active busy woman.

Authentically healthy from the root to your soul.

Simply just BE and nourish your soul bathing in nature - sensory rehabilitation for one's soul.




Ready to connect with nature and with who you really are to understand yourself better so you can

create a more balanced authentic life you love? Ready to take on transformation in your work, your

relationships and your life?


Then come on an experimental journey of learning, accepting, connecting and transformation.






Outdoor Wellness Journeys offers women with an opportunity to step out of their busy lives, to take a break for a half or a full day, and connect back with themselves, their roots, their senses, their bodies and emotions and nature itself as a magical healing compound.

Being in nature supports and aids immensely how we see and work with problems and issues that we are facing. Being away from our usual surroundings and emerge into nature we are then able to begin to see and create different ways to solve a current issue by developing a changed perspective in how we see and deal with problems. This gives us an opportunity to create new positive energy, make new choices, create action steps and instigate that much-wanted change we'd love to see and yearn for to create a more authentic, balanced and fulfilled life for ourselves.

What is in for you?:

A unique opportunity to escape from your well-worn busy daily life and let nature do its magic by creating a  powerful embodied and nature-based experience that will leave you transformed, recharged and ready to take new, creatively inspired and meaningful action.

What is my the story behind that?:

With my passion and love for the outdoors, hiking and tramping in different terrains, I am moving my coaching out of the four walls into the outdoors.

I am taking the principle and idea of forest bathing, which originates from Japan and was introduced in the 1980s and use this as my base for this service. However, I have amended this idea to be more of an active mindful outdoor journey for women, also providing them with a mental, emotional and physical challenge.

Outdoor Wellness Journeys -Information and details:


Half day hike/walk (2-3 hours) : $50 per person*

Full day hike / walk (5-6 hours) : $100 per person*

*Prices include shared transport to start of hike/walk location

When: Walks/hikes will take place in all weather and all seasons - All weathers have something to offer metaphorically so draw upon the seasons for inspiration.

Where: Taupo local surroundings and Central Plateau area (Kaimanawa Forest Park, Tongariro National Park, Pureora Forest Park, Rotorua)

Maximum of 3 ladies per outdoor wellness journey - minimum of 1 lady.

What to bring: Own hiking boots and walking gear (walking sticks, backpack) lunches or snacks, water, sun lotion

Inclusions: Professional certified Health&Wellness Coach/Guide, homemade organic tea to share, grounding exercises and meditation & breathing practices, Yin Yoga practices (to be added in mid/late 2021)

Please contact me via email to enquire about a half or a full day trip

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