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Outdoor Wellness Journeys

Welcome to Outdoor Wellness Journeys - Outdoor wellness walks and hikes designed and led

by women for women


Bathe without getting wet.

Instead of in the water it's going to be in the forest.

Dive into the forest atmonsphere.



Be still.


Slow down.



I am offering forest bathing guided eco-coaching walks and hikes for the active busy woman in the Central Plateau / New Zealand.

An invitation to escape your busy life, rediscover yourself, find stillness, and

simply JUST BE while nourishing your spirit with nature. This is the ultimate sensory rehabilitation for your soul.




Outdoor Wellness Journeys offers women an opportunity to step out of their busy lives, be mindful, and to take a break for a half or full day walking in nature. Reconnect yourself back to your roots, senses, body, and emotions.

Using nature as the magical healing compound.

Nature has been proven to have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and boost overall well-being. Being away from our usual surroundings and emerging into nature we are then able to begin to see and create different ways to solve a current issue by developing a changed perspective on how we see and deal with problems. This gives us an opportunity to create new positive energy, make new choices, create action steps and instigate that much-wanted change we'd love to see and yearn for to create a more authentic, balanced and fulfilled life for ourselves.


My forest bathing eco-coaching walks and hikes provide a chance for women to unplug from technology, slow down, and focus on the present moment. These walks and hikes are designed to be a holistic experience, where women can reconnect with their inner selves and nature. As women, we often tend to put others first and neglect our own needs, but spending time in nature can help us to reconnect with our intuition, creativity, and sense of self. As a professional coach, I provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can explore their thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

I am basing Outdoor Wellness Journeys on the principles of forest bathing, and combine it with outdoor active challenges, and my knowledge and experience in wellness, health, and nature coaching.

Forest Bathing is a Japanese physiological and psychological practice is a process of relaxation; known in Japan as shinrin-yoku and has been implemented into the Japanese Health System since 1982 . The idea was to create something for the people of Japan, who were in need of healing through nature, and the purpose was also to offer an eco-antidote to tech-boom burnout and to inspire residents to reconnect with and protect the country's forests.


Principles and focuses of forest bathing :

- To open up and re-connect with your senses

- To be present. Slowing down, being still and mindful

- To be aware. Of self and surroundings, to realise and reflect

- To identify. Who am I? Accept, understand and let go

- To connect. With yourself, your senses and nature


Forest bathing basically means immersing yourself in nature, using and being aware of your 6 senses. By walking slowly and being mindful you become aware of your senses - smell, touch, sound, taste, sight and your inner chi - and also of your surroundings. You essentially have a 'bath' in nature and absorb the forest or nature's atmosphere. Experiencing nature directly through the senses helps us to slow down enough so we can get out of our headspace and reconnect with our heart sense and our bodies. This allows us to discover what is happening in the present moment both inside and out. Each walk you do is unique, depending on the setting and time of the day, the weather and the surroundings you are in.

The type of coaching I'm incorporating here is also known as nature– or eco-coaching – a coaching style that draws inspiration from our connection with the environment and wider ecological system. Each occasion offers the chance to escape our habitual indoor spaces, disrupt daily routines and connect with the wider ecological environment. The natural environment provides restorative opportunities for recovering from mental fatigue and re-energising our directed attention. Nature itself, is the magical helper, an informative mirror and a powerful metaphor for concerns, resources and solutions. Landscapes, weather phenomena, animals and plants from nature provide helpful suggestions and practicable analogies for practically every professional and personal question, which are built into the coaching.

Some of the walks I do have descents, some might be slightly steep, and some might be mild descents, which will probably show up as challenges to some of my clients. There might be river or stream crossings, summit climbs, bare feet walking (earthing) on the ground, which could also be translated into a challenge for some. For a lot of us, the challenges could be physical or even emotional and mental.

I add these challenges in because discomfort and overcoming challenges lead to the energy necessary for change. Confronting and overcoming challenges (again, these might be physical or emotional ones) could result in mindfulness, gratitude, and self-awareness.


Put all this together you get Outdoor Wellness Journeys– it is crafted to be special and unique – designed by a woman for women, and personally created and customized to each and every client I take on a journey.

Core values and benefits of Outdoor Wellness Journey's hikes and walks / forest bathing :

- Guided nature experience/eco-coaching:

Each hike/walk is an opportunity of rediscovering and challenge in a supportive environment - nature as the natural therapist, the coach as a guide, who slows you down and deepens the discipline and offers conversations in stops/breaks to work through thoughts, emotions and sensations. A chance to be heard and listened to.

- Promotes and supports a heightened feeling of well-being:

Being in nature restores our mood, eases our stress

and worry, and gives us back vitality and energy –

refreshing and rejuvenating, being in nature also

gives us a sense of comfort. A chance to bring more quality into your life.

- Awareness and clarity through a quieter mind

- Creativity and perception:

New ideas materialize on walks in nature, gaining new ways of looking at an old problem, finding a new solution/action steps

- Physical health benefits of walking in nature:

Reduces blood pressure, lowers stress, improves cardiovascular and metabolic health, lowers blood sugar levels, improves concentration, memory, and mood, lifts depression, decreases anxiety and anger, improves pain thresholds and energy (levels), strengthens the immune system with an increased count of the body's natural killer (NK) cells, increases anti-cancer protein production, helps losing weight, suppresses the sympathetic or 'flight or fight' system, enhances the parasympathetic or 'rest and recover/digest' system, can help to get better sleep

Tongariro Crossing Ladies forest bathing walk
Forest bathing walk Kaimanawas Tree Trunk Gorge
Forest Bathing Waihaha Hut track
Tree Trunk Gorge Forest Bathing
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