My purpose in this world is to support and empower everyone, but specifically, those amazing busy women out there, who look after everyone else but themselves, to put themselves first and be an authentic and unique human being, embracing this unique person that they are in all their facets and showing it off with pride and grace. Through my work as a health and wellness coach, I am passionate about bringing awareness to this topic and whatever is connected with it. I have a burning passion to show the world that being and accepting your true self and taking up regular self-care is so important in these times we are living in and that it can be fairly easy to incorporate into your life. It is so important for our overall health and wellbeing - because who can pour from an empty cup?! You got to have to give back to yourself first before you can keep giving!

My speaking events and talks I am giving are:

Informative - The talks and speaking events are held to raise awareness about burning topics that I believe are important to know and to understand. My intention is that everyone in the room will be taking something away from this event that they can either use for themselves or pass on to others in need.

Motivational - I am aiming to motivate people through my talks and topics chosen to motivate them stepping into action! May it be to encourage them that they actually can take a little step, may it be that they see it doesn't have to be too hard or difficult to take action! By talking about other's success stories and case studies you will see that you too can step into action and make it work!

Fun - Life is too short to be too serious all the time and even information given in a talk doesn't have to be stale or boring. I am committed to making it a fun light event!

Interactive - Just sitting there and listening to somebody speak could end up being quite tiring and boring, right?! I like to involve my audience, make them think, make them participate to make the whole event a bit more exciting.

Authentic - I am committing myself to be a role model and inspirational leader to my audience, my clients and everyone around me by being myself -  yes, I thrive to be perfect in some way or another (so even there I am not perfectly perfect but more or less authentic) but essentially it comes down for me to show that I am also human, I forget things, I am nervous, I have my flaws, use filler words and can get stuck. I am not lying about it.  And I am not shy to show it either.

Inspirational - To combine all of the above I am creating talks and speaking events that have the intention to be inspirational to my audience

Key topics include but not limited to:

- I have no time. I am too busy. Living in time and culture where exhaustion and being busy is a status symbol. - How we can make time for us in the busy world we live in and work and be more efficient and productive and get things done -

 - Self-care - is it selfish or do you feel guilty taking time out? What self-care means and how important it is in these times but why it is so difficult to maintain in today's busy life but how easy it can be incorporated into your life-

- Multi-tasking versus single-tasking - do you really get more done doing several things at the same time?-

- Personal and professional boundaries for a more balanced and productive lifestyle - How do I say NO in a nice and healthy way without feeling guilty? -

The subtle art of being yourself - probably the most difficult role you have to be to start with but why it is so freeing and impactful for your life -

I am open to any other topic suggestions if it connects with self-awareness, self-care and authenticity in one way or another, so feel free to ask and suggest.

I am available for:

- Corporate lunches and learns (morning tea/lunchtime and afternoon tea talks)-

- Seminar speaking -

- Group Yoga and Mindful classes -

 - Interviews -

- Speaking engagements -

- Podcast interviews -

Give me a call or email me if you are interested to book me or want to know more about it.

0064 210 252 1343



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