It is a very empowering and rewarding feeling for me to receive words of acknowledgement and praise from clients for the work I do with them.  And when this happens it always confirms that I am on the right track living my passion and purpose. When transformation takes place, most people want to say 'thank you' and it’s always appreciated when they do. Coaching is a powerful and beautiful tool to evoke discovery,  awareness and choice in everyone who is willing to open up and work with themselves. It is a way of empowering people to find their own answers to their problems. Thank you to the amazing clients who have been committed to the process of change and creating a life suited to their values, needs and wants. 


I’m a self-employed marketing consultant based in Sydney. When I came to Viola I was very caught up in my work and everything felt chaotic. I was feeling very tired and run down and it felt as though life wasn’t really going the way I wanted it to go.

After my very first session with Viola, I got a lot of clarity around what was really causing me to feel tired and low in energy, and I found out it was something quite unrelated to what I thought was going on. Viola helped me to surface issues at the back of my mind, and help me arrive at my own answers, which is not what I expected!

The immediate steps after working with Viola were obvious and easy to take. Since working with her, I’ve taken action based on the next steps discussed with Viola and it feels like the direction I’m going in is not difficult, rather it feels natural and “right”.

Working with Viola helped me to take the next logical and natural step for me to regain energy and a sense of calmness in my life.

If you’re like me, overworked and feeling like life isn’t going your way, and if you feel that your energy is scattered then I strongly recommend working with Viola to help you get back on track.

Nikhil R.

I am a Life Coach and an English as a Second Language Teacher. I consulted Viola because I was feeling brain fogged and depressed. During the first session with Viola she very subtly and professionally led me to see the power of not just sitting to think about what to do, but actually getting down to action by taking pen and paper and start jotting down my initial ideas on my next professional project. She led the conversation in such a way that I came to realize the power of actually starting to let my creativity just flow. I arrived to the session feeling stuck and left the session ready to start taking my business to its full potential. Starting to let it flow has grounded the foundations of my business. I will never again feel I don’t know which course of action to take but I will just start doing . I would definitely recommend Viola as a great Life Coach with excellent listening and questioning skills. Thank your Viola for a very significant “ha ha” moment. Thank you.

Beatriz M.

Viola studied with us at Well College over 2018-2019 and quickly became a standout student. Vi's coaching skills are exemplary and the clients she worked with during her studies all greatly benefited from her support. We can't recommend Vi highly enough as a wonderful, passionate, and skilled coach. We've been honoured to have had you with us Vi, congratulations.

Leanne Cooper, Founder and Director of Well College (formerly Cadence  Health)

I signed up for a 4-week coaching course with Viola after attending a wellness talk she presented called "I am too busy and have no time" This resonated with me as this sentence was quite literally my daily motto. Like most women I am juggling a business, family, a household and all the other bits and pieces that come with life. I constantly feel like one ball is in the air and the rest are falling around my feet! 

During my coaching sessions with Viola, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief just being heard, understood and accepted.

What I found the most helpful from these sessions was actually the feeling of acceptance I felt towards myself. Rather than beating myself up for being busy and rushing around I now accept that it's part of my identity to do this as the end result brings the calm I'm constantly searching for, But also the awareness of when to ask for help and when to seek out time for myself - which is now a lot more than it was!

I used to actually physically feel the frustration and resentment building up in me like a volcano about to explode. Deep down I knew that this was something only I could change but I needed the help to redirect my thought patterns and reevaluate my values in my life. I'm now - thanks to Viola, in a much better position where I am learning to ask for help and prioritising self-care. I'm actually doing the activities that bring me joy after finally figuring out what those are. 

I would highly recommend Viola and her coaching programme to anyone feeling the way I was.

Mel M.

“I had a coaching session with Viola and it was a

great experience! I did not know what to expect at

first as I have never come across coaching before.

But I can say now it was a wonderful journey and a

good feeling of accomplishment! Viola is amazing,

she guided me and I was able to open up myself and

put some words on my feelings, fears and what

I wanted to achieve. She is very competent and

passionate about what she does. I would recommend

to anyone who feels a bit lost and uncertain to have

a coaching session with her.

Julie L.