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Walk requirements, Journeys and Rates

Specifications and requirements of each walk/hike:

Pre-walk conversation and intention-setting.

Each walk/hike starts with a pre-conversation to determine what you want to focus on during our time together (or what is presenting itself).


No distractions.

No phones or cameras are allowed on the tracks. Re-connect fully with your 6 senses. You are more than welcome to bring along a notebook and pen to write down thoughts and ideas. Let the mind and emotions work, let the body and your senses be your guide.


Minimum of 2.5 hours walking.

The benefits of being in nature start setting in after a minimum of 2 hours spend in nature. The longer the walk, the better: thoughts will slow down and the brain will show reduced activity, or less blood flow, in a part of the brain, called the sublingual cortex


Fitness levels.

There is a walk/hike for every fitness level. It is not about how fast and fit you are. It is about connecting with nature, your senses and yourself.


Breathing exercises prior to starting walking to calm the mind and body and for being present and awaken to the senses.


Be still.

While we walk we will keep the talking to a minimum. We will have breaks here and there to stop and notice what is around us and what is going on for you at the moment. You are invited to share your thoughts or write them down.


Walking in all seasons and (most) weather.

Unless it is pouring down with rain or hail, or with wind we will still go out into the outdoors. All weathers have something metaphorically to offer, so draw upon the seasons for inspiration


Maximum of three participants per walk/hike.

Keeping the group small and intimate. In this way, you will better connect with nature and with yourself, also you might be more open and less distracted. The group can either consist of 3 people/ friends that know each other or 3 different strangers.

Journeys :

It is a Journey of your own, a Journey of self-discovery, a Journey of self-reflection, a Journey of stillness, and a Journey of change.

forest bathing kaimanawas
Waitahanui River walk

Fitness level

- easy -

Description: Easy flat walks, for all fitness levels

Days/ Hours: 1/2 day / 2.5 - 3 hours

Te Iringa Kaimanawas Forest Park

Fitness level

- medium -

Description: These walks have sections that are ascending and therefore rated as medium fitness-level walks.

Days/ Hours: Full day /  4-6 hours

Umikarikari tops Kaimanawas forest park

Fitness level

- challenge -

These tracks often have some steep descending/ascending sections.
Can also go above tree-line level and into high alpine country.

Days/ Hours: Full day / 4-6 hours


Half  day
2.5 - 3 hours

Exclusive / Solo

$ 270

Open Group (max. 3 pax)
(join existing group or create a new one)

$ 149 p.p.

Full  day
4 - 6 hours

$ 540

$ 279 p.p.

Upcoming scheduled Journeys available:

Monday, 13th February '23               

Tuesday, 14th February '23               

Monday, 20th February '23               

Tuesday, 21st February '23               

Monday, 27th February '23               

Tuesday, 28th February '23               

The selected dates are during the week as the tracks are less populated with other foot traffic. Outdoor Wellness Journey's coaching forest bath walks are aiming for a serene and peacefully still environment to get the best outcomes. Weekend bookings are possible on request only.

When booking, please specify if you'd like a full day, half day, solo, or group experience.

Please note that attendance at these Journeys is by pre-booking only, so I can make sure the group size is kept small and intimate.

Other days and times are possible to book with exceptions. Please contact me directly and enquire.

Rates Inclusions:

- Transport to and from Taupo/NZ
- Internationally accredited and recognized Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach with a First Aid Certificate
- Professional Health, Wellness and Nutrition coaching during your Journey on that day
- Organically homemade snacks (1/2 days), lunches (full days) and herbal healing open-leaf teas
- Rates also cover following insurances like Public Liability, Accident Compensation and Small Passenger Service Licence

What To Bring:

- Comfortable good walking shoes
- Drinking water (there will be water sources along the way to fill up the bottle)
- Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen
- Raingear (depending on forecast)

- Notebook and pen (in case you would like to write down ideas and thoughts)

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