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What actually is coaching?

A coach is not a doctor, neither a naturopath or a practitioner. A coach does not subscribe you anything or heal you in an instant with a pill.

I like to give the example of the coach as the navigator in the passenger's seat and the client as the driver in the driver's seat. We, as coaches, give direction and guidance to the client who comes to us to seek help with whatever ails them. Through conversation, we, coaches, facilitate discussion that will (hopefully) lead to some positive behaviour change within the client.


We, coaches, support, listen and ask questions which will then evoke the client to discover and create his or her own ideas, solutions and goals for the given problem they come to see a coach. Through that, the client will learn and grow, and this promotes movement within the client to take an active part to reach their set goals. By personally pinpointing and establishing their own strategies to reach their goals this means, that anything that comes out of the coaching session will be anchored deeply into their minds and stick with them and thus making changes and sticking to them a lot easier.


Coaching is a personalized learning system which enables the client to be personally active in identifying problems, generating ideas for solutions and take action to transform their life, behaviour, and habits into better ones.

And what is eco-coaching?

The type of coaching I'm incorporating in my work is also known as nature– or eco-coaching – a coaching style that draws inspiration from our connection with the environment and wider ecological system. Each occasion offers the chance to escape our habitual indoor spaces, disrupt daily routines and connect with the wider ecological environment. The natural environment provides restorative opportunities for recovering from mental fatigue and re-energising our directed attention. Nature itself, is the magical helper, an informative mirror and a powerful metaphor for concerns, resources and solutions. Landscapes, weather phenomena, animals and plants from nature provide helpful suggestions and practicable analogies for practically every professional and personal question, which are built into the coaching.

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