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My Happy Place - Part I

17th September 2018

I am a hands-on girl and love to get my fingers dirty and working. Working in the garden is like meditation for me, therapy, time-out, reflection, whatever you would like to call your me-time :) When I work in nature, digging my fingers in dirt, pulling weeds, scraping old plants and leaves away, plant new plants and seedlings, make everything look neat and tidy I am in one of my happy places! That's when I am most mindful – in the present, talking to plants (and sometimes to myself ;)) and find absolute joy seeing things grow, and seeing the result of my work in the end and feel absolitly satisfied and content. Where is your happy place ? What do you do to time yourself out, get energy, find satisfaction and relax? Do you feel mindful doing it? Are you in the present there and then? Do you forget about time? Leave me a comment below – I'd love to hear about other people's happy places :)


Now, with today's spring clean in the garden I also collected some home-grown-ready compost. I love how nature works. You put your veggies and food scraps in a bin, leave it and get beautiful nutrient-rich compost which feeds your veggies and flowers alike with whatever they need to flourish and grow into healthy strong plants! My lovely little garden helpers – the earth worms are amazing creatures! As a kid I used to collect and rescue them from the streets and on the side of the street after a downpour of rain and put them back into the garden or soil where they could dig themselves into. These worms thrive in decomposing organic matter and make them into new rich compost soil.


My new rich home-grown compost I put into my new big gardenbox and put some veggie soil on top. This is where I will grow some yummy healthy organic vegetables to have some amazing organic healthy nourishment to our diet. A bit more of some healthy roots-nourishment :)

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