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Outdoor Wellness Journeys

- Exclusive solo and group-guided forest bathing eco-coaching walks and hikes.

Designed and led by women for women -


Offering guided eco-coaching walks and hikes based on forest bathing principles for women to escape their busy lives for a half or full day. An invitation to find stillness, rediscovering yourself, and creating experimental journeys of learning, accepting, connecting and transforming your life with the help of a professional health & wellness coach, using nature as the magical healing compound.


This will help and support you to feel positively transformed, recharged, and ready to take on new, creatively inspired and meaningful action to transform and create a more balanced authentic life

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Bridge into the Woods

Mindful Nourished Roots Coaching

- Corporate performance coaching -


Helping businesses to improve productivity, success and growth by coaching their employees to identify, recommend and facilitate dynamic change, leading to a more strategic and emotionally improved team and company culture.

I provide a safe channel for employees to give feedback on a confidential basis and mediate between both management and staff to detect and work on goals, values and strengths.

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