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Escape your busy life and find your Zen.
Experiencing nature's healing powers, stillness and mindfulness - unpulg and rejuvenate.

Outdoor Wellness Journeys

- Exclusive solo and group-guided forest bathing eco-coaching walks and hikes.

Designed and led by women for women -


An invitation for women to escape their busy lives to find stillness, rediscover themselves, and create personal transformation by offering forest bathing guided eco-coaching walks.

These guided outings are based on forest bathing principles, a Japanese physiological and psychological practice of relaxation, and are combined with outdoor active challenges, and my knowledge and experience in wellness and nature coaching.

My forest bathing guided eco-coaching walks and hikes are designed to offer women a day or half a day of reconnecting with nature, reflecting, restoring their soul, creating positive visions, and improving their overall well-being. As a professional, internationally fully accredited Wellness and Health Coach, I will lead them on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

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Take your company to the next level ...

Positive Creation and Visioning Day-MiniRetreats

- for busy female CEO's, Executives, Managers, and Leaders-

A time out in nature and with it the opportunity of visioning, creation, reflection and positive action change.

This service is still under construction but will give you a glimpse into what is coming

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What Clients Say

"I’m a self-employed marketing consultant based in Sydney. When I came to Viola I was very caught up in my work and everything felt chaotic. I was feeling very tired and run down and it felt as though life wasn’t really going the way I wanted it to go.

After my very first session with Viola, I got a lot of clarity around what was really causing me to feel tired and low in energy, and I found out it was something quite unrelated to what I thought was going on. Viola helped me to surface issues at the back of my mind, and help me arrive at my own answers, which is not what I expected!

The immediate steps after working with Viola were obvious and easy to take. Since working with her, I’ve taken action based on the next steps discussed with Viola and it feels like the direction I’m going in is not difficult, rather it feels natural and “right”.

Working with Viola helped me to take the next logical and natural step for me to regain energy and a sense of calmness in my life.

If you’re like me, overworked and feeling like life isn’t going your way, and if you feel that your energy is scattered then I strongly recommend working with Viola to help you get back on track."

Nikhil R.



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